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Happy Halloween Goldfish and Jellyfish!

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This year Elsie requested a Jellyfish costume and trying to keep with the theme of “fish” I made Silas a Goldfish Costume (thanks to Martha Stewart for the pattern) … He wore the costume for a total of 25 minutes (really just to photograph so that I could document that I had in fact sewed him a costume and that the second child was not forgotten). 🙂 Here is the finished costume … the hat is odd, is he a pope goldfish? Silas also agreed that he looked funny ……read more


Easter Weekend in the Mountains

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My parents came down for Easter and we all headed up to Beaver Creek for a long ski weekend. The Grammie and Grampa were very happy to have both of their bunnies together (Elsie did not care for the rabbit ears, saffie on the other hand was quite pleased to be a bunny!) Elsie prefers the role of jockey – Go grammie, go! Our first ski day was at beaver creek where Mark had us skiing moguls till our legs gave out … We met up with Josh, Amy, Saffie…read more



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Tonight we are off to Vegas to celebrate many things … the launch of Google Sites, Julie being cancer free for 2 years and my 30th birthday (actually I am re-turning 30 this year since I was preggers last year and pretty lame). Joining us on the trip Scott, Julie, Drew, Vivian, Josh, Amy, Heidi and Jason. This is a adults only trip so we are leaving the chillin’s behind … we are flying grammie and grampa down to watch Elsie and Saffron and Pat Johnston is coming down to…read more


First Christmas Extravaganza!

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Elsie’s first Christmas was a blast – we were lucky enough to have both families here to celebrate. Michael and Alison in from England, Chloe in from San Fran, and my parents down from Montana. On Christmas morning we were greeted by a dusting of snow – which continued throughout the day – perfect white Christmas. The Sladden’s are notoriously late so Elsie and I headed down to Josh and Amy’s ahead of the crew leaving mark behind to lightly push them out the door (they arrive only 35 minutes…read more