Skiing with Elsie

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We headed up to the mountains this weekend with the Spruills. On Saturday we skied Vail and put Elsie in ski school – this is her 5th time in ski school and they still have her on the magic carpet. On Sunday we decided to take her up the Gondola at Beavercreek and see if we could perfect her Pizza (snowplow) and french fries. After realizing that Sophie and Emma were skiing up the mountain Elsie focused and started perfecting her Pizza.

Note to parents of young new skiers – ski school for newbies is often high priced day care with minimal amounts of skiing. There is a lot of waiting and the magic carpet is pretty flat (no real need for pizza). They do focus a lot on making it fun, putting on equipment and practicing the leg work inside – so its not a loss. ┬áBut possibly consider 1 day a ski school and 1 day of skiing with parents. The Edgie Wedgie was a must (pink tube holding the tips together)!