6 months

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Silas is officially 6 months old – which meant time for another doctor visit.

He continues to GROW sticking it out in 60th percentile for both height and weight – very different stats from his sister. ­čÖé

Height: 26 1/2″ (60th %)
Weight: 17lbs 11.5 oz (60th %)
Head: 17 1/2″ (75th)

Silas is already chowing down on solids, sitting unassisted, grabbing items and putting them into his gob and rolling around – Milestones complete!

Being weighed …

weigh in

You know how big I am? I am THIS big! Captain chubby pants!

soo big

Silas is completely enamored with his sister – apparently everything she does is hilarious!


Our pediatrician does a great job of make shift toys – ┬áimmediately put into his mouth.

make shift toys

Silas is a big hit at the office, but the biggest hit is Elsie – Dr. Kamon and Nurse Karen always love a visit from little miss chatty. Today before we even made it into the room Elsie had negotiated Silas’ shot sucker since he was clearly too little for a treat.