Silas Coster Arrives

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Mandy was due for a scheduled C-Section at 9am on Friday the 16th, but SIlas decided he was going to call the shots. She went into labor at about 2am and Silas arrived at 6am.

7lbs 4oz, 20″ long and 13.25″ head – very similar to Elsie’s measurements.

Here is Mandy seeing Silas for the first time
Mommy seeing Silas for the first time

Silas was a bit cold after he came out, so he cooked a little under the heat lamps to get him nice and warm

Little man under the heatlamp

Grammy was going to come in and keep Mandy company in the OR after I left with Silas, but she had to take Elsie to school, and missed out on all the fun.

Grammy with Mommy and Silas

Here is the picture window in our room – no kidding, this is what we see lying in bed! Please refer to the prior post about the mural we painted last month to see how this view inspires us.

View from the hospital room

Elsie has been very excited to meet her baby brother and welcome him. She came up to the hospital right away after school and had a little frog blanket to give to Silas. He gave her a little bracelet with her name in it!

Elsie meeting Silas for the first time

She was very excited to hold him

Proud Elsie

And was the most gentle girl with him – though once he started crying softly, she was a little disturbed and wanted to hand him back – smart girl!

Elsie holding Silas

You can find a few more photos in our Silas album linked below (the cupcakes were the gift we bought for the nurses when we arrived – and yes, that is bacon on the chocolate cupcake).