Thanks Easter Bunny!

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waiting in line

This easter elsie was really into the Easter bunny. While at the mall she desperately wanted to sit on the Bunny’s lap and ask it some very important questions – sadly it turned out to be a Mute, but she waited patiently to get some tickles anyway. This is when my mom announced that Elsie was officially ready for Disney Land!

The next morning before Brunch, we decided to color some easter eggs – I find this wasteful because we rarely use any of the hard boiled eggs – but its tradition, so out came the coloring pills and cups. Elsie (with Grammie and Mommies help) followed the Martha Stewart sticker method …

dying eggs

We ended up with some very fabulous colored eggs spelling out Elsie – I vowed to make deviled eggs, but who am I kidding, I can’t cook.

final product - now what?

We had brunch at the Flatz restaurant which is a humungous (Elsie thanks Murray from sesame street for that word!) buffet which is perfect for pregnant woman and boys.


The girls quickly made friends with the stuffed bunny – and so far saffie felt safe …

fake bunny

until you know who showed up. Saffie is very clear that she does not care for Santa, The Red Robin or the Easter bunny. Elsie on the other hand monopolized the bunnies morning.

more bunny tickels easter bunny

The brunch was filled with many yummy treats – and elsie zeroed in the chocolate covered strawberries!


After brunch we had a mini egg hunt in our backyard with the girls – G.G. Ruby created her traditional candy filled nests and the girls had a great time hunting them down. (grammie did a great job of hiding the nests in very obvious places).


We also sent the girls on a mini-scavenger hunt to find their easter basket. This year I took photos of the places they were to look to find their clues which eventually led them to the baskets (again in plain sight!).

hunting hunting


Happy Easter from the Sladdens!